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Today, many cremation providers are not only corporately owned, but also must contract out to other crematories miles away for the actual cremation service. At Macy and Son Funeral Home and Crematory, we own and operate our own crematory. This enables us to provide you complete and personalized cremation service from the moment you walk through our door. Macy and Son Funeral Home and Crematory acknowledge and embrace the growing trend of cremation services and want to personally handle all aspects of the cremation. You have entrusted us with caring for your loved one and we will ensure that your loved one will never leave our care at any point during the process. This is a great reassurance to families offering them peace of mind.

The crematory should be located in a facility that accepts visitors and allows for public inspection.

Our crematory houses a state of the art cremation unit, and is operated only by licensed funeral directors. We guarantee that each and every detail of your cremation arrangement will be handled by our own professional and compassionate staff. We exclusively provide our clients with the, Cremation With Confidence Guarantee ™.



What standards should I expect when choosing a Cremation Service Provider:


It is our hope that you will entrust us to handle your cremation arrangements. However, no matter who you choose, below are some important standards that all Cremation Service Providers should meet.


1. Up-Front Pricing: The Federal Trade Commission requires that consumers be given a General Price List as soon as there is any discussion about services. It is your right to ask for a General Price List, and any reputable Cremation Service Provider should be glad to provide one.


2. Crematory Location: The crematory should be located in a facility that accepts visitors and allows for public inspection. A trustworthy Cremation Service Provider welcomes this accountability to, and compliance with, the regulatory guidelines set by the State of Oregon.


3. Family Identification: The crematory should offer an opportunity for a private family visitation or identification prior to the cremation process.


4. Policies and Procedures: Since cremation is an irreversible process, a reputable Cremation Service Provider will have policies and procedures to ensure that you and your loved one will be cared for properly and treated with dignity. In addition, a family member should be offered the opportunity to make a positive identification of the deceased before the cremation process begins.


5. Inspection: You have the right to inspect everything listed above. If inspection is denied or even offered hesitantly, that could be cause for concern.


6. Witnessed Cremation: Witnessing the beginning of the cremation process offers closure for some people. Any family member desiring to witness this process should feel welcome to do so. The crematory in no way should discourage you from doing so.


Guarantee: Your peace of mind should be guaranteed based on the items outlined above. If a Cremation Service Provider cannot live up to these standards, avoid the potential for abuse and keep looking for a Cremation Service Provider that can.


Some good questions to ask when selecting a cremation provider might be the following…

  1. Does the crematory provide the Cremation With Confidence Guarantee ™
  2. Can I inspect the facilities before signing any agreement?
  3. Can family choose to witness the beginning of the cremation process?
  4. Is the crematory owned and operated onsite?
  5. Can I get a General Price List (GPL) of services offered and their costs, plus a cremation casket and urn price list?
  6. Does the cremation price include a private visitation prior to cremation?


When considering cremation, you are entitled to have complete knowledge of the process and to feel completely comfortable with the crematory that you choose. Should you choose Macy and Son Funeral Home and Crematory, we are confident that we can provide you with a level of service that exceeds your expectation.


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